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Types of Data Knowledge Check

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Students will assess their knowledge on the types of data.

Created Date 09.25.19
Last Updated 09.25.19
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Topics of this game:
  • Which of these is NOT an important skill when looking at data?
  • What is a collection of observations, measurements and/or facts for the purpose of studying or analyzing information?
  • A ________ variable is one that the scientist chooses to study. He or she hypothesizes that this characteristics will effect outcomes.
  • The __________ ___________ are the things that respond to the change made to the independent variables.
  • What are other factors which remain constant and are important to consider when designing experiments?
  • What type of graph will contain measurable units telling how the variables were measured and information or data recorded in the proper column for the corresponding variables?
  • What is a visual representation of the information found in a data table?
  • On a graph, the __________ variable goes on the bottom and the __________ variable goes on the side.
  • What type of graph is used for showing fractions or percentages of variables being studied?
  • What type of graph is used to show how variables compare to one another?
  • What type of graph shows how a variable changes over time and are useful in describing trends?
  • Which of these is NOT a component of a graph?