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Math: Missing Addend

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Find the missing addend in these math problems.

Created Date 03.24.20
Last Updated 03.25.20
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Topics of this game:
  • Tucker ran 12 miles on Monday. He ran some more miles on Tuesday. In all, Tucker ran 16 miles. How many miles did he run on Tuesday?
  • 6+?=8
  • 10+?=19
  • Sebastian had 6 toy cars. He got some more for his birthday. Now, he has 12 toy cars. How many cars did Sebastian get for his birthday?
  • Dot built 3 houses on Minecraft at 10:00. At 4:00, Dot built some more houses. All together, Dot built 17 houses on Minecraft. How many houses did Dot build at 4:00?
  • 15+?= 18
  • Savannah had 1 puppy. Her mom gave her some more. Now, Savannah has 7 puppies. How many puppies did Savannah's mom give her?
  • Chuck ate 8 cupcakes with his brother. He ate more cupcakes with his sister. In all, Chuck ate 16 cupcakes. How many cupcakes did Chuck eat with his sister?
  • 18+?=19
  • 14+?20