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Math Game - Angles

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Created Date 02.02.21
Last Updated 02.03.21
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Topics of this game:
  • What is 90 degrees?
  • Is 180 degrees a straight angle?
  • 99 degrees is angle X and 45 degrees is angle Z. What is the total angle measure?v
  • The total angle measure of a triangle is always going to be 180 degrees.
  • The total angle measure of a rectangle or square will always be 360 degrees.
  • Maria made angle A 354 degrees and angle B 235 degrees. How much bigger is angle A than an angle B?
  • Is 355 degrees acute?
  • 1/5 of one full round (360 degrees) is 72 degrees...
  • How many 60 degree angles do you need to make 360 degrees?
  • Sam is using a compass. Is he using angles?
  • 5/6 of a full circle (360 degrees) is how much degrees?
  • 16 degrees is …
  • How many 15 degrees do you need to make a right angle?
  • How many 45 degrees angles you need to make a straight angle?
  • How many right angles do you need to make 360 degrees?
  • How many straight angles can fit in 198 degrees?
  • Walter made an angle 47 degrees, Chase made an angle 120 degrees. They both added the angles and doubled it. What is the angle measure?
  • On the compass I was facing 360 degrees (zero degrees), and my friend was facing 340 degrees. Who is exactly facing north?
  • Carla drew an angle that was 234 degrees, her brother drew a 345-degree angle. How much bigger is her brothers than her?
  • Sam drew a 124-degree angle, doubled it, and divided it by 2. What is the angle measure?
  • Chantel made 3x 60-degree angles. Can these be angles for a triangle?
  • Ray drew a triangle which is right and isosceles. Which angles could make the triangle?
  • Karan made an angle 239 degrees, Sam made 45 degrees bigger. How much is Sam's angle measure?
  • Ben drew an Obtuse and scalene triangle. What could be the angles of his triangle?
  • Ben divided 345 degrees into 5 angles. What are each angles?