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Geometry- Quadrilaterals and 3D shapes

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Test your knowledge of properties of quadrilaterals, area of 2D figures, and surface area and volume of 3D figures.

Created Date 05.07.20
Last Updated 05.08.20
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Topics of this game:
  • Quadrilateral with exactly 2 pairs of parallel sides
  • Segment that connects the center of a polygon and is perpendicular to one of the sides
  • Volume of a prism
  • Volume of a pyramid
  • Has all the properties of a rhombus and rectangle
  • Parallelogram with 4 right angles and 2 pairs of congruent sides
  • Parallelogram with 4 congruent sides
  • Area of a regular polygon
  • Sum of the interior angles of a polygon
  • Area of a triangle
  • Area of a parallelogram
  • Area of a trapezoid
  • Surface Area of a Prism
  • Area of a circle
  • Circumference of a circle
  • Volume of a cone
  • Surface area of a cone
  • Surface area of a cylinder
  • Volume of a cylinder
  • Polygon with 4 sides
  • Lines that are in the same plane and never intersect
  • Form 90 degree angles
  • Surface area of a sphere
  • Volume of a sphere