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Memory MATHch

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Match the following terms and definitions regarding The Nature of Math: Math as a Language, and Mathematical Reasoning.

Created Date 05.26.21
Last Updated 05.26.21
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Topics of this game:
  • "∧" aka "and"
  • "v" aka "or"
  • "⊕" aka "xor"
  • "⇒" aka "if-then"
  • always true
  • always false
  • neither tautology nor contradiction
  • bi-conditional which is also tautology
  • "¬" aka "not"
  • "∀xP(x)" aka "for every, P(x)"
  • "∃xP(x)" aka "there exists an x, such that P(x)"
  • "⇔" aka "if and only if"