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Created Date 06.30.21
Last Updated 07.01.21
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Topics of this game:
  • Understand the pattern - 3/6, 6/12, 12/24. What comes next?
  • Maneesh ate 3/16 cake and his brother ate 6/16 cake. How much cake is left?
  • Which of the following is correct?
  • If Numerator = 4, Denominator = 8 then what is the fraction
  • There are 75 adult guests. 45 of them are men. What fraction of the people are women.
  • How many minimum cuts to divide the cake into 8 equal pieces?
  • Which of the following is in descending order?
  • There are 9 boxes and out of that 3 boxes are shaded, how many boxes are unshaded?
  • If the sum of two fractions is 15 /22 and one fraction is 2/11, then what is the other fraction?