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Telling Time & Elapsed Time

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Using knowledge of telling time and elapsed time; answer questions related to 3rd grade standards of time.

Created Date 03.14.18
Last Updated 03.15.18
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Topics of this game:
  • Jo leaves for the store at 12:30pm and spends 45 mins. there. What time will he be home?
  • What time is it is the hour hand is on the 2 and the minute hand is on the 2?
  • Start: 2:00pm. Cleaning Dishes- 15 min., Sweep- 20 min. What's the end time?
  • Sue goes shopping for 33 minutes and returns home at 5:03pm. What's the start time?
  • Bob plays baseball at 6:10am and comes home at 7:31am. How many minutes did he play?
  • How long did it take Elle to do her homework if she began at 9:08pm and ended at 11:25pm
  • If it is a quarter past 2, what time is it?
  • It is midnight when Tim goes to bed and he wakes up at 5:55am, how long did he sleep?
  • End time: 8:45am. 15 mins. Eat/ 25 mins. Shower/ 10 mins. Laundry. Start time?
  • What time is it if the minute hand is on the 9 and the hour hand is on the 6?