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Something like Jeopardy, used to study for tests.

Created Date 12.11.19
Last Updated 12.11.19
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Topics of this game:
  • Joanna had 7 blueberries and Kate had 27 blueberries. What is the ratio of Kate's blueberries to total?
  • 40% of 120
  • Presleigh has 78 likes and Eli has 100 likes. What is the ratio of Presleigh's likes to total likes?
  • Sawyer can run 45 miles in 2 hours. Shawn can run 10 miles in 5 hours. Colton can run 54 miles in 6 hours. Who can run the faster per hour? in
  • What literary device is used: The author's message to the reader based upon the events and outcome of the story
  • What literary device is used:Conversation between characters
  • What literary device is used:When the audience knows something that the character doesn't
  • What literary device is used:The author gives you clues of what is going to happen
  • When the Earth gets between the Sun and Moon
  • What eclipse occurs when the moon gets between the Sun and Earth
  • What phase comes after third quarter?
  • What phase comes after Full moon?
  • God with a head of a jackal
  • Which country is south of Egypt?
  • Reed used to make paper
  • Worship of many Gods