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Calculus Family

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match up and resolve the families of these functions

Created Date 03.25.20
Last Updated 03.25.20
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Topics of this game:
  • For this logarithmic function what is the first derivative (Inx+1)^3
  • what does f"x indicate
  • what are the first and second derivatives of e^(8x) respectively
  • What method of differentiation are the following formulae f'(x)cosf(x), f'(x)/f(x),
  • Is 4 the first or second derivative of 2x^2 +2
  • what is the f'(x) of ln(x^2 -3x +1)
  • What are the first and second derivatives of y=sinx respectively
  • Is 3xy^(-2) a polynomial
  • How do you find the maximum or minimum?
  • If concavity changes, there's no Point of inflection. True or False