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AP Macroeconomics- Unit 1

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Try this fun game from WattsEd. Answer with the correct response!

Created Date 07.27.20
Last Updated 07.28.20
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Topics of this game:
  • Given a normal market supply curve for daisies, if the price of daisies increased from $1.00 per dozen to $2.00 per dozen, then there is a/an
  • A production possibilities curve that is concave or bowed out from the origin represents
  • Number produced per day: Parasail Boat Fishing Boat Jonas Islands 3 12 Jackson Islands 5 10 According to the table above, the Jonas Islands opportunity cost of producing one fishing boat is
  • Macroeconomics is best defined as the study of
  • Which statement about scarcity is NOT true?
  • The impact of banks going out of business and auto makers closing factories in 2008 and 2009 would be illustrated when
  • Pianos are an example of a scarce object.
  • Given a normal demand curve for SNICKERS candy, if the price of peanuts increases, what happens?
  • Which of these nations below is an example of a COMMAND ECONOMY?
  • Which of these IS a factor of production?
  • Consumer Goods are used in _________________________________________________.
  • Say Six Flags opens a new roller coaster. What happens to the quantity demanded for season-long tickets?
  • Comparative Advantage is based off who has the lowest ____________________________.
  • Which of the following are factors that can shift the demand curve for basketballs? 1. a tax on basketball producers. 2. buyers’ income 3. the number of basketball manufacturers 4. buyers’ tastes and preferences 5. price of substitutes for basketballs
  • The Law of Demand says that there is a/an ______________________ relationship between price and quantity demanded.