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Forex Fun Facts

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This is a mash up of all things forex.

Created Date 02.19.21
Last Updated 02.22.21
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Topics of this game:
  • what looks like a harami?
  • this person is the biggest market mover
  • this is the most popular currency
  • name a tool used for reversals
  • If I asked you what your equity is, where would you look
  • a place I can purchase any alt coin
  • Head of European Commission
  • the opposite movement from the original trend
  • the "meme" coin or the coin that was created as a joke
  • the largest producer of oil
  • the pending order considered to be the least accurate
  • how would you catch a trade when you aren't watching the chart
  • learning how to trade requires
  • this is the biggest obstacle you must overcome
  • this should be a non factor when trading
  • indicator that shows momentum
  • type of chart that shows momentum
  • type of chart used for top down analysis
  • the patterns on a chart create
  • the number 1 rule when trading
  • broker that has a larger spread for cryptocurrencies
  • market directions
  • entity that enforces the law against market manipulation
  • provides a measure of market risk and investors' sentiments
  • two Litecoin correlations
  • two currencies that move in the same direction
  • two currencies that move in opposite directions
  • the most liquid trading sessions
  • a single candle represents
  • when trading stocks or indices, remember to consider