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PFL Vocabulary (Personal Financial Literacy)

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Personal Financial Literacy

Created Date 02.02.24
Last Updated 02.05.24
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Topics of this game:
  • Money received
  • Income received BEFORE taxes are deducted.
  • A tax paid by employers that is paid from your paycheck.
  • A plan for spending and saving money.
  • To purchase items with money from your account, you use a _______________ card.
  • Money spent.
  • Income received AFTER taxes are deducted.
  • Money paid to support the government.
  • A tax YOU PAY based on your income.
  • A tax on goods and services.
  • A tax paid on something you own, such as a house or land.
  • When (income = expenses), it's called a__________
  • Dollar bills and coins
  • A signed paper allowing money to be withdrawn from an account.
  • To purchase items with borrowed money that you have to pay back, you use a _______________