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Applicant Services - Repayment

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Created Date 09.27.19
Last Updated 09.30.19
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Topics of this game:
  • 6 months after graduating, leaving school or dropping below half-time
  • Website where students can find their loan history & servicer Information
  • Servicer that handles all Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF)
  • After the 1st disbursement of a loan, it is assigned this
  • The only way a borrower can change their servicer is to do this.
  • Website CSR's and borrowers can go to for more information on repayment
  • These Applications can be done electronically on
  • Paper forms for Consolidation, IDR, Deferment, Forebearance, Loan Discharge can be found here
  • Borrowers will not be eligible for more student loans if they are in this
  • A federal student loan is considered in default after how long
  • Borrowers agree, in writing, to make nine (9) voluntary, reasonable, and affordable monthly payments
  • States that a borrower is no longer in default of a student loan
  • Income Driven Repayment, Pay as you Earn, Income Contingent Repayment and Revised Income Repayment plans
  • This can be used to estimate payments on different repayment plans
  • This is how long it takes for a Consolidation Application to process
  • Unless deferred Parent PLUS Loans begin repayment within how many days of the last disbursement?
  • If you file taxes jointly, your spouse will need to do this on a Consolidation or IDR appication
  • Borrower can see their completed IDR and Consolidation applications here
  • A spouse will need this and borrowers SSN to co-sign an IDR
  • If a borrowers loan do not pull in on for an IDR or Consolidation, check this
  • The earliest a borrower can Re-certify before their anniversary date is
  • How much does the Dept. of Ed charge to apply for a Consolidation?
  • Borrowers disputing loans, and loan repayment can contact them
  • A borrower can pay off their loan early with
  • Repayment for Students begin after they leave school and Grace Period of
  • Direct Loans Interest Rate is a
  • The Direct Consolidation Loan Interest Rate is a
  • Dept. of Ed Loan Servicers are also called