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7th grade Math

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Cumulative Skills

Created Date 02.11.21
Last Updated 02.11.21
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Topics of this game:
  • 8th period Math class has 12 boys and 8 girls. What is the ratio of boys to students?
  • If a bag of gummy bears costs $1.75, how many can you buy for $10?
  • What is the area of a triangle with a base of 8 inches and a height of 12 inches?
  • If you travel 455 miles in 7 hours, how fast are you traveling?
  • If the area of a rectangle is 84 square inches and the width is 7 inches, what is the length?
  • Finding the surface area of a three dimensional figure when the bases are not included is:
  • If you flip a coin two times, how many different outcomes would you get?
  • What is the value when you divide 27.6 by 8?
  • What is the measure around a circle referred to as?
  • What is the value of x in the equation 3x - 5 = 31
  • What is the relationship between the diameter of a circle and the radius of a circle?