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terms and defection

Created Date 05.20.21
Last Updated 05.21.21
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Topics of this game:
  • An angle that is less than a right angle.
  • A triangle with three acute angles.
  • A graph using bars to show data
  • the amount a container can hold, measured in liquid
  • A metric unit of length.
  • To give an approximate value rather than an exact answer.
  • A number written as the sum of value of its digits
  • A way of displaying objects in rows and columns.
  • The number of square units needed to cover a region.
  • The number by which another number is divided.
  • Money you pay when you borrow money,or money you receive for having a savings account.
  • A line on which a figure can be folded so that both halves are the same.
  • A figure formed by two rays that have the same endpoint.
  • Addend can be regrouped and the sum remains the same.
  • The number multiplied together to find the product.
  • The amount of money in a person's bank account.
  • A polygon with 4 sides.
  • An exact location in space.
  • Replace a number with a number that tells about how many or how much.
  • Trading money for goods or services.
  • Putting aside money from current income to buy something in the future.
  • A way to write a number in words.
  • The number below the fraction bar fraction the total number of equal parts in one whole.
  • Money earned from doing work.
  • A straight path of points that goes on and on in two directions.