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Ratio Review

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Students will practice reviewing writing ratios, equivalent ratios, and equivalent ratio tables.

Created Date 08.01.21
Last Updated 08.09.21
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Topics of this game:
  • Last year the girl's basketball had 8 fifth grade students and 7 sixth grade students. What was the ratio of 6th-grade students to 5th-grade students on the team?
  • Identify a ratio that is equivalent to 8:2.
  • Which ratio is equivalent to 4:6?
  • The ratio of the number of pennies to the number of nickels in a jar is 5 to 3. There are 55 pennies How many nickels are in the jar/
  • The ratio of the number of red stars to the number of blue stars is 2 to 5. There are 8 red stars. How many blue stars are there?
  • Carolina Blue paint is made by mixing 4 parts dark blue with 1 part white. Identify the ratio of white to dark blue that will be lighter than Carolina Blue.
  • Pat bounces a basketball 25 times in 30 seconds. At this rate, approximately how many times will Pat bounce the ball in 150 seconds?
  • Diego estimates that there will be 3 pizzas for every 7 kids at his party. Select all that express this ratio.
  • A mixture of purple paint contains 6 teaspoons of red paint and 15 teaspoons of blue paint. To make the same shade using 35 teaspoons of blue paint, how much red paint would you need?
  • True or False? Tony states the ratio 5/35 is seven times the ratio of 1:7?