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BeeKeeper vs Calculations

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This is a game created by Joanna, Francine, Monica and Cleo from grade 9A. This is an easy game, you just have to reach the honey pot by answering the questions given correctly. Don't get too many incorrect answers or you will not move up to the honey pot and lose this game at the end.

Created Date 11.06.21
Last Updated 11.08.21
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Topics of this game:
  • Product of non-zero and irrational number will be ....
  • Simplify 12a + 26b - 4b - 16a
  • What is the value of |-26| ?
  • Which one is the factor of 3y(x-3 )- 2(x-3) ?
  • If a circle has circumference of 3.14 meters, what is the radius?
  • How many feet are in a mile?