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MATH: Order a Set of Real Numbers ( TEKS 8.2D)

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RC1 Readiness Grade: 8 TEK: 8.2D Order a set of real numbers arising from mathematical and real-world contexts.

Created Date 09.30.18
Last Updated 10.01.18
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Topics of this game:
  • Given -26/65,-0.38,-39%,-34/100, which list shows the numbers below in order from greatest to least?
  • Given -10/3, -3.8, -π, -√8. Which number is the smallest number? Which list shows the list in least to greatest?
  • Which list shows the jumpers in order from least time to greatest time to reach the ground? Dan:2√2 Jo:√6 Ugo: 2.443 Ty: 49/20
  • Negative numbers are _____________ than positive numbers.
  • Examples of rational numbers are ______________.
  • Which number is greater, the square root of 10 or pi?
  • Given numerator and denominator, (n/d), which statement is true?
  • Beth has 5 cards: nine tenths; 95%; square root of 5; 3 times pi; and 9. Which list the cards from greatest to least?
  • Faith has the rational number -√36. Van has the rational number -0.06. Which person has the largest number?
  • Which shows the list below in order from least to greatest? -4 -2/3, 4.15, 1.5π, √15, 365%
  • After ordering the numbers shown below in descending order, what is the middle number? -78.9%, -√3/2, -π, -√5, -18/5