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Calculating Pay

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Hourly Pay, Salary, Other Pay Plans, Average Pay, Commission

Created Date 11.13.18
Last Updated 11.13.18
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Topics of this game:
  • Overtime pay that is figured at one and a half times the regular rate is called
  • When employees are paid for each item or piece they produce, they are referred to as ______________________ employees
  • Employees who are paid a fixed daily amount are referred to as _______________________ employees
  • The amount of money an employee is paid each hour is called a(n)
  • The ______________ a salesperson earns may be a fixed amount for each item sold or a percent of the dollar value of sales
  • A(n) __________________________ is a fixed amount that certain salespersons must reach in order to earn commission
  • A single number used to represent a group of numbers is a(n) __________________
  • Employees who work on a _______________________ basis are paid commission only.
  • A fixed amount of money paid to an employee for each time period worked, such as a day, week, month or year is called a(n)
  • The total amount of money that an employee is paid is called
  • To calculate an employee's time-and-a-half pay rate
  • What is another name for simple average?
  • To calculate the annual gross pay for an employee who receives a monthly salary
  • Which is NOT a step in finding the gross wages for an employee who has worked both regular time and overtime hours?