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Ratio Review Game

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This math review game is focusing on ratio and percent problems. This is to help prepare for the 6th grade math EOG.

Created Date 04.21.19
Last Updated 04.22.19
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Topics of this game:
  • A carrot cake recipe calls for 2 cups of flour to 3 cups of grated carrots. If the recipe is doubled, what will be the ratio of cups to flor to cups of grated carrots?
  • A drink contains 20% cranberry juice and the rest is apple juice. What is the ratio of cranberry juice to apple juice?
  • A farmer has 6 times as many Holstein as Jersey cows. What proportion of the total number of cows are Holsteins?
  • A DVD collection contains 8 dramas, 12 comedies and 6 action movies. What is the ratio of dramas to action movies?
  • Kyle has 27 black marbles and 18 red marbles in a box. What is the ratio of the number of black marbles to the number of red marbles in the box?
  • The ratio of athletes to non-athletes at Taylor Middle School is 3 to 4. If there are 225 athletes in the school, how many non-athletes are there?
  • There are 48 boys in the seventh grade. There are 2 boys for every 1 girl in the seventh grade. How many girls are in the seventh grade?
  • At Northridge Middle School, 12 inches of snow fell during a 16-hour period. At this rate how much snow would fall in 24 hours?
  • Annalise Keating can type 28 words per minute. At this rate, how many words can Annalise type in 5.5 minutes?
  • Dr. Strange read a 200-page book in 10 hours. At that rate, how long will it take him to read a 320-page book?
  • Mary Berry uses 2/3 cup of coconut to make 4 cups of trail mix. Using this same proportion, how many cups of coconut would Mary need to make 9 cups of trail mix?
  • Phyllis Vance knits 1/10 of a scarf in 4/5 an hour. What fraction of a scarf can Phyllis knit in 1 hour?
  • Dwight has a tractor with an 8-gallon tank. If the tractor can travel 29 miles per gallon, how far could it travel on a tank that is only 3/4 full?
  • Spencer Reid practiced the piano three days last week for a total of 9 1/2 hours. On average, how many hours each day did Spencer practice?
  • Trevor Noah walks 3 miles per hour. At this rate, how long will it take him to walk 7 1/2 miles?
  • A roll of 40 quarters weighs 8 ounces. Which proportion can be used to find the weight in ounces, w, of 200 quarters?
  • A cookie recipe uses 3 cups of flour to make 4 dozen cookies. Colin wants to make 7 dozen cookies. What proportion could he solve to determine how much flour he needs?
  • A tree has a shadow 12 feet long. At the same time, John, who is five feet tall, has a shadow 4 feet long. If Sherry wants to find the height of the tree, which proportion should she use?
  • What value of x would make the equation 2/3 = 8/x true?
  • Here is a proportion: 30/x = 8/12 What value of x makes the proportion true?
  • Find the value of a when 2/a = 8/32
  • An equation is shown. 2/3 = x/18 What value for x makes the equation true?
  • What number completes the proportion below? 6/15 = 20/?
  • What number completes the proportion below? 8/20 = 20/?
  • Sabrina spent $66.00 to rent a violin for 8 months. Which shows the average amount of money (t) she spent to rent the violin each month?
  • Harris Teeter sells 2 cans of soup for $1.50. If this relationship is graphed with the number of cans on the x-axis and the cost on the y-axis, what is the slope of the graph in dollars per can?
  • A backpack cost $17. Four years later the same type of backpack costs $23. What was the backpack's average yearly increase in cost?
  • Yearly college tuition increased from $16,000 in 1996 to $20,000 in the year 2000. What is the annual rate of increase?
  • The original price for a H&M jacket is $124.95. It is on sale for 20% off. Which of the following gives the best estimate of the savings?
  • The original price of a couch is $397.50. It is on sale for 40% off. Of the choices given, what is the best estimate of the couch's sale price?
  • Jim finished 5 of the 25 math problems. What percent of the problems did Jim finish?
  • Paul bought a pencil on sale. The sale price of the pen was $2.34. The original price of the pen was $3.25. What percent did Paul save by buying the pencil on sale?
  • Cassey finished 15 minutes out of the 50-minute exercise video. What percent of the exercise video did Cassey finish?
  • What is 50% of 250?
  • What is 60% of 30?
  • 50% of 840 is
  • What is 20% of $48.00?
  • Steve bought a coat at 5% off the regular price of $60.00. Which process can Steve use to find the amount of his discount?
  • A iPhone XS Max is being selled for $1099.00. It's on sale for 20% off. What is the sale price of the iPhone?
  • A sweater originally cost $37.50. Moesha bought it at 20% off and had a $5.00 coupon. How much did Moesha pay for the sweater?
  • Phil borrowed $200 at 12% simple interest for one year. If he makes no payments that year, how much interest will he owe at the end of the year?
  • There were 24 Spanish Club members last year. if this year's membership is 150% of last year's, how many members are in the Spanish Club this year?
  • A chemical solution is 0.5% iodine. How many milliliters of iodine are in 1,000 mL of solution?
  • Cece correctly answered 25% of the questions on a math test that contained exactly 30 questions. How many of the questions did she answer incorrectly?
  • Connor used his computer for 60 minutes on Friday. On Saturday, he used his computer for 150% of the number of minutes he used it on Friday. What was the number of minutes that Connor used his computer on Saturday?