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Batter Up Ratio Game

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How many home runs can you get in this Math Ratio game?

Created Date 11.08.20
Last Updated 11.08.20
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Topics of this game:
  • For every four Deer, there are two foxes what is the ratio of this problem?
  • For every 20 dollars spent at the store you get a five dollar gift card how much money do you get in gift cards if you spend 100 dollars? Write as Ratio
  • Jimmy has two toys for every two toys his sister gets 5. What is the ratio for this problem?
  • Kevin was playing basketball for every miss he made three shots. What is the ratio of this problem?
  • Johhny had 4 toys his brother had 8. for every 1 toy, Johhny gets how many toys does his brother get? Write as ratio
  • For every five apples, there are 2 oranges. For evry 1 orange, there are 4 pears what is the ratio of apples to pears. There are 10 oranges
  • Every day in oak town 8 dogs are sent to the pound and 11 dogs are adopted. What is the ratio of adopted dogs to non adopted dogs?
  • Timmy.jr went to the basketball game with his 4 friends for every person the tickets are 8 dollars. What is the ratio of the problem?
  • For every 36 pieces of candy, there are 48 pieces left. What is the ratio of this problem
  • For every5 cereal boxes sold at the mall, the buyer gets an item for free. What is the ratio of this