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Grade 8 Ratio Unit

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Guide the snakes to the correct answer and solidify your learning!

Created Date 11.24.19
Last Updated 11.25.19
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Topics of this game:
  • There are 3 green snakes and 7 yellow snakes. What is the ratio of yellow snakes to snakes?
  • What is the ratio 12:8 in simplest form?
  • What ratio is equivalent to 4:6
  • Ryan types 425 words in 5 minutes. What is this unit rate?
  • Which option shows 25% as a fraction and a decimal?
  • Find the missing term: t/18= 6/3
  • I drew a picture of my couch using a ratio of 1:15. My actual couch is 1.5m long. How long should I draw my drawing?
  • The drawing of my bed is 6cm long. I used a scale of 1:30. How long is my actual bed?
  • Which is my best option to buy? A 450g box of cereal for $4.69, a 600g box of cereal for $6.49 , or a 1kg box of cereal for $8.89
  • A carton of milk increased from $0.95 to $1.25. What percentage increase is this?
  • A hockey stick is regularly priced $185.99. It is on sale for 20% off plus tax. How much will you pay for the hockey stick?
  • Joe borrowed $7500 from his mom to buy a car. She charged him 4% interest each year for 2 years. How much interest will he pay?