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Bingo - Mutually and Non-Mutually Exclusive Events

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From the games below: Students are able to differentiate between mutually exclusive and non-mutually exclusive events.

Created Date 11.13.23
Last Updated 11.14.23
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Topics of this game:
  • P is 3 and Q is even number. Are P and Q related?
  • G is picking a spade, H is picking a diamond from a deck of Poker card. Can G and H happen together?
  • Notation for Event A and Event B.
  • The complement of winning a game is
  • What is the probability of choosing a 9 in a deck of Poker cards?
  • A is pupils who are wearing glasses, B is pupils who love Maths. Can A and B happen together?
  • Spinner contains number from 1 - 8, what is the probability to the an even number and less than 5?
  • Notation for Event A or Event B.
  • Th complement of rolling a 2 is
  • Probabilitty of rolling a prime number and rolling an event number on a dice.
  • Ben throw a coin. Probability of getting tail is 0.4, what is the probability of getting head?
  • P is perfect square and Q is 16. Are P and Q related?
  • 10 pupils join a test, 5 students get A, 3 students get C, 2 students fail. Probability of passing the test is
  • The probability of getting a King or Queen from a deck of Poker cards is
  • G is a students from Malaysia, H is a student from Asian. Can G and H occur together?
  • The chance of rolling a 3 is 1/6. Wht is the chance of not rolling a 3?
  • From 10 to 39, what is the probability of the numbers contains at least one digit 5?
  • A is members from Girls Guide; B is event of male students. Can A and B happen together?
  • What is the probability of winning a basketball competition if probability of losing the game is 0.3?
  • Probability of getting red and number smller than 6 in a deck of Poker cards is
  • Probability of getting number greater than 4 nd it is even from a fair dice is
  • What is the probability of choosing a heart 4 in a deck of Poker cards?
  • A box contains 2 red balls, 3 blue balls, and 1 pink balls. P(red and pink) is
  • P is rolling an even number, Q is rolling an odd number. Can P and Q occur together?
  • A card is chosen from a deck of Poker cards. P(getting King and Queen) is