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SI Closing Activity: Hypothesis Tests

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Hypothesis Tests

Created Date 04.22.20
Last Updated 04.22.20
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Topics of this game:
  • When would you reject the null hypothesis? (a = alpha = significance level)
  • 3) At Whitmorrison College, an English professor suspects that first-year students (p1) are more likely to procrastinate than transfer students (p2). State the null hypothesis.
  • At what P-value would you give a conclusion that there is not enough evidence to accept the alternative hypothesis?
  • If a confidence interval at a 95% confidence level could give a significance level of 0.05, what significance level could be given from a confidence interval at a 99% confidence level?
  • Florgenson Unified School District reported that 71% of their students rated the quality of their school lunches as top notch. The PTA randomly selected 400 students from the district's student population and found 64%. State the altenative hypo.
  • A study was conducted at a significance level of 0.05. They found a P-value of 0.02. What conclusion can be drawn?