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Trig Ch. 4 Review

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Review for our Ch. 4 Test!

Created Date 03.16.21
Last Updated 03.16.21
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Topics of this game:
  • What point on the unit circle coresponds to t = 5pi/3 ?
  • If cos(x) = -2/3, then cos(-x) =
  • Evaluate csc(pi/2)
  • What is the range of the function y=4cos(3x) ?
  • Find the radian measure of the central of a circle r=10, arc length = 4in.
  • What is the reference angle of -600 degrees?
  • Evaluate cos(arcsin(-1))
  • Evaluate sec(arccos(3/5)
  • Which is a positive and negative coterminal angle for 2pi/3 ?
  • Find the interval for the equation y=4cos(2x+3pi)
  • What is the period of the equation y=4cot2x
  • What is the amplitude of the equation y=-3tan(2x)?
  • If sin(x)= -4/5, what is sin(-x) ?
  • If secx=4/3, and tan < 0, find sinx.
  • (2, -5) is on the terminal side of angle x. Find the value of cos(x).
  • In what quadrant does 7pi/5 lie in?