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The Facts about Matter

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This game reviews the fifth grade concept of matter and its physical properties (TEKS 5.5A).

Created Date 07.25.20
Last Updated 07.27.20
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Topics of this game:
  • Which of the following is the best definition of matter?
  • What type of matter can be both magnetic and a good conductor of electric energy?
  • Which of the following materials is most likely to be a liquid at room temperature?
  • Which explains why oil poured into a glass of water remains on top of the water?
  • Which of these pairs of materials are in the same state of matter at room temperature?
  • Which of the following is soluble in water?
  • When placed in a large bowl of water, why do some fruits sink while others float?
  • Why does a baker use hot pads to remove a metal cookie sheet from a hot oven?
  • Which of the following does NOT correctly describe mass and weight?
  • Why are most electrical wires wrapped in rubber or plastic?
  • Which of the following is NOT soluble in water?
  • Which of the following materials is the least effective insulator of thermal energy?
  • Matter that has a definite volume but changes shape to fit its container is a--
  • Which of the following objects would be attracted to a magnet?
  • Which tool might be used to measure the mass of an object or substance?
  • Wood is to solid as air is to--
  • Which is the best explanation of why air is matter?
  • Which material or object will be attracted to a magnet?
  • Which property describes whether an object will sink or float in water?
  • What property of matter depends on the force of gravity?