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Chemical Hair Bonds: An assessment

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Learners test their knowledge of chemical hair bonds after completing learning objects on the peptide, disulfide, salt, and hydrogen bonds.

Created Date 08.28.20
Last Updated 08.31.20
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Topics of this game:
  • The peptide bond is formed when ___________ join together to form polypeptide chains.
  • The ____________ bond is the strongest chemical bond in the hair and should not be broken.
  • Salt bonds cause the hair to ____________ when alkaline substances are applied to it.
  • The _____________ are not broken by heat or water.
  • __________ and __________ atoms form hydrogen bonds.
  • The disulfide bond is also called a _____________ bond.
  • Permanent wave solution should not alter the _____________ bonds.
  • The bond formed by the attraction of negatively and positively charged amino acids is the _________ bond.
  • Hydrogen bonds are easily broken by ____________ or _______________.
  • __________________ and ____________________ break and rearrange the disulfide bonds.