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Heat Transfer and Matter

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Game includes heat transfer, phases of matter, atomic structure, conductors and insulators.

Created Date 11.18.16
Last Updated 11.18.16
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Topics of this game:
  • Heat transferred by direct contact is called?
  • A microwave cooks by transfering heat to your food through ____
  • This form of heat transfer only occurs in liquids and gases.
  • Most homes are heated using this form of heat transfer.
  • This substance does not conduct thermal energy well.
  • This phase of matter has atoms with small spaces between them. This allows the substance to pour and take the shape of the container.
  • Heat moves from ______ to _______.
  • When heat is added to a solid, the solid _______ and becomes a ________.
  • In this phase of matter the atoms are densely packed together.
  • When a substance changes from a liquid to a gas, it has _____
  • When a student puts his tongue on a Popsicle the heat transfers from ___ to ____.
  • What are the heat currents that warm the oceans and Earth's mantle?
  • How is the sun's energy transferred to Earth?
  • A burn on a hand is most likely from heat transferred by ____
  • The movement of atoms or the total energy is called _____
  • Energy is neither _____________ nor _______________, it merely changes ____.
  • Energy is the ability to ____
  • When the atoms of a gas slow down the gas turns into a ________, which is called ____.
  • Metals are good _____ of heat.
  • The measurement of the energy in a substance is called its ____.