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Atoms Lab Review

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Review of atoms, molecules, and battery lab 1

Created Date 10.24.17
Last Updated 10.25.17
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Topics of this game:
  • Every known element in the universe is listed on the PeriodicTable
  • Which is true?
  • Atoms have what sections?
  • Where are electrons found in an atom
  • Some electrons lose electrons for what reason?
  • Atoms lose ________ to become stable?
  • Electrons are lost in what energy level in an atom?
  • An atom gains an electron. It is now...
  • An atom loses an electron. It is now...
  • Electricity is from
  • What are the atoms in a battery that lose/gain electrons?
  • An atom losing an electron and moving through a wire is electricity
  • The greater the distance between two atoms on the Periodic Table the...
  • In a battery which occurs?
  • Atoms form a bond due to...
  • When atoms stick together it is called?
  • Molecules form because
  • Atoms become charged and form molecules because