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Bingo for Water Cycle

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Bingo about the Water Cycle

Created Date 12.05.17
Last Updated 12.06.17
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Topics of this game:
  • Any type of water that drops down to Earth.
  • Evaporation from a plant
  • When liquid water heats up and turns into water vapor
  • When water vapor cools and turns back into a liquid
  • The process of water going into the soil/ground
  • The flow of water from high elevations to low elevations.
  • Precipitation
  • Runoff
  • Infiltration
  • Groundwater
  • evaporation
  • Water held underground in the soil
  • The sun helps run the cycle by heating up water turning it to water vapor (evaporation)
  • Hydro and Atmosphere (water to water vapor)
  • Lithosphere (Geo) and Hydrosphere (Water underground)
  • Hydrosphere and Biosphere (Water vapor from plants)
  • Lithosphere (Geo) and Hydrosphere (water seeps into ground)
  • Hydrosphere and Lithosphere (Geo) (Water flowing down a mountain)
  • Hydrosphere and Atmosphere (Rain or water going down to Earth's surface)
  • Atmosphere and Hydrosphere (Water vapor to water)
  • radiant energy emitted by the sun.
  • the cycle of processes by which water circulates between Earth's spheres
  • Precipitation, Condensation, Infiltration, Groundwater, Runoff, Transpiration, Evaporation
  • 4 Precipitation, Condensation, Transpiration, and Evaporation