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Phase Change

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Phase Change 306

Created Date 12.07.17
Last Updated 12.07.17
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Topics of this game:
  • a substance that flows freely but is of constant volume, having a consistency like that of water or oil.
  • firm and stable in shape; not liquid or fluid.
  • an airlike fluid substance which expands freely to fill any space available, irrespective of its quantity.
  • matter changing when thermal energy is added or removed
  • heat goes into the solid as it sublimates; solid to gas
  • heat leaves the liquid as it freezes; liquid to solid
  • heat goes into the solid as it melts; solid to liquid
  • evaporation and/or boiling
  • the action of bringing a liquid to the temperature at which it turns to vapor;happens throughout entire liquid
  • the process of turning from liquid into vapor; happens only on the surface of the liquid
  • heat leaves the gas as it deposits; gas to solid
  • thermal energy is heat
  • energy that a body possesses by virtue of being in motion
  • all matter is made of tiny particles (atoms or molecuoles) which are in constant motion
  • describes a physical property
  • the action of becoming larger or more extensive.
  • the process of becoming smaller.
  • particles become more sparse and move faster
  • particles become more tightly packed and move slower
  • melting
  • freezing
  • condensation
  • sublimation
  • deposition
  • vaporization