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Welding Bootcamp Safety Test

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Review the concepts of safety for Welding

Created Date 01.24.18
Last Updated 01.24.18
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Topics of this game:
  • What are potential hazards relating to arc welding?
  • What is the proper shade lens for welding?
  • Necessary PPE includes all of the following except which one?
  • What are the initials of the federal organization designed to ensure safe and sanitary working conditions for employees?
  • Which is the greatest fire hazard for welders?
  • What should happen to fumes produced by welding?
  • What is arc flash?
  • One should never enter the welding shop without wearing what?
  • The selection of the correct lens shade number depends on what?
  • What documents are required by federal regulations to provide hazardous product information?
  • Accumulation of argon shielding gases could cause what to happen to welding and inspection personnel?
  • If one wears contact lens, there is no need to wear safety glasses in a shop environment?
  • Because of the low amount of ultra-violet light present, it is not necessary to wear shaded lenses when when plasma arc cutting?
  • A Butane or propane cigarette lighter is safe around welding as long as it is kept in one's pocket.
  • The minimum distance that combustible material should be from the welding or grinding area should be from the work area is 20'.