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Amino Acids and Nucleic Acids

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Amino Acids & Nucleic Acids

Created Date 07.24.18
Last Updated 07.25.18
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Topics of this game:
  • Nitrogenous bases Adenine & Guanine are this type of compound
  • Nitrogenous bases Cytosine, Thymine, & Uracil are this type of compound
  • if an organism has homologous pairs of chromosomes it is ________
  • the building blocks of proteins
  • the bonds between the phosphate & sugar part of nucleic acids
  • the nitrogenous base that is found in RNA but not DNA
  • the bonds which connect amino acids
  • the enzyme that separates strands of DNA for replication
  • codons are found on this nucleic acid
  • anti-codons are found on this nucleic acid
  • the enzyme required to make an mRNA molecule
  • the only cells in the human body that are haploid
  • when the alpha helix unwinds at a specific gene to be copied
  • the type of bond that connects the complimentary bases