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Periodic Table Crossword

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to help you understand the periodic table better

Created Date 02.19.19
Last Updated 02.20.19
Viewed 96 Times
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Topics of this game:
  • This element`s atomic weight is 4.003 and is used to make party balloons fly
  • This element`s atomic number 79 also it is found in little amounts in you mobile phones
  • This element`s symbol Kr although its a noble gas it does form compounds
  • This element`s atomic number is 86 it is also the second most frequent cause of lung cancer
  • This element`s atomic weight is 118.710 and is commonly found on and around houses
  • This element`s atomic weight is 15.9994 and in breathable form it is O2
  • This element`s symbol is CL also it was the first chemical weapon in ww1
  • This element`s atomic weight is 63.546 and is also used in electrical wires
  • This element`s symbol is Ag and is used in jewellery
  • This element`s atomic number is 11 and is also joined with Chloride to make common salt
  • This element`s atomic weight is 207.2 and it is a post-traditional metal that is used in bullets
  • This element`s atomic number is 22 and it is a favorite material for aircraft
  • How many transition metals are there on the periodic table