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Are you a chemist lover? Come try this game!

Created Date 04.14.19
Last Updated 04.15.19
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Topics of this game:
  • Which solution conducts electricity?
  • If we use litmus paper, basicity solution will turn litmus paper to......
  • In the electrolysis process, which electrode will oxidize
  • What observation happened at the cathode electrode?
  • What type of chemical reaction happens when energy(heat) is taken in from surroundings?
  • By using the exothermic reaction energy diagram, products are at ......
  • Baking soda is example of ...... solution.
  • When the pH scale is increasing from 1-6, it means ......
  • The amount of energy being absorbed to break the bond is ...... than the amount of energy been released during the formation of bond.
  • Which electrode donates an electron?