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EOC Chemistry Semester 1 Final Review 3

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This crossword covers terms for Essentials of Chemistry semester 1

Created Date 12.09.19
Last Updated 12.09.19
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Topics of this game:
  • The measure of weight in chemistry
  • The measure of space something takes up
  • The relationship between mass and volume as defined by the formula (D=M/V)
  • Particles are touching AND "stuck-together"
  • Particles are touching but NOT "stuck-together"
  • Particles move freely without touching or being "stuck-together"
  • Adding this (in the form of heat) to water makes steam
  • The smallest unit into which matter can be divided
  • Has a positive (+) charge and live in the nucleus of an atom
  • Has a negative (-) charge and lives in the rings of an atom
  • Live in the nucleus of an atom and have no (0) charge at all
  • Defines the location at the center of an atom
  • Produced when 2 or more atoms get stuck together
  • Represents the number of protons a specific element has
  • 118 known elements are organized on this
  • The rows across the periodic table that tell us how many rings each element in that row has
  • Columns on the periodic table that tell us how many outside electrons an element in that column have
  • The type of model we use in class to draw atoms