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Chemistry Review Game

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This game is to help you review our 7th grade Chemistry concepts.

Created Date 02.07.20
Last Updated 02.10.20
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Topics of this game:
  • Valence electrons are the...
  • USE THE PERIODIC TABLE How many valence electrons does sodium have?
  • This particle found in the nucleus has no charge.
  • This particle found in the nucleus has a positive charge.
  • This part of an atom contains most of its mass.
  • The atomic number tells you what?
  • Is this equation balanced or unbalanced? H2 + O2 --> H2O
  • 12g of Carbon react with 16g of Oxygen, how much carbon monoxide (CO) is formed?
  • How are protons and neutrons different?
  • Suppose a neutral atom were to lose an electron. What would happen to the atom
  • Potassium has an atomic number of 19 and a mass number of 39. How many neutrons are in the nucleus of a typical potassium atom?
  • A molecule is...
  • When it rains, the combination of water and soil creates mud. Since the water and soil do not chemically combine, mud is considered to be
  • A student observed a chemical reaction in which the mass of the products was measured to be less than the mass of the reactants. How can this be explained?
  • In which state of matter would the molecules be farthest apart?
  • The first part of a balanced equation is shown Cu+ 2AgNO3 ---> _________. In order for this equation to be balanced, how many oxygen atoms must be present in the products?
  • Which statement correctly describes how matter is conserved in a Chemical Reaction?
  • Students make lists of characteristics that describe an isotope of carbon (C). Which list is correct?
  • Which statement best classifies air?
  • One of the components contained in gasoline is octane C8H18 . Which () statement best describes C8H18?