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Heat Transfer Baseball

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Review types of heat transfer

Created Date 05.02.16
Last Updated 05.03.16
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Topics of this game:
  • This type of heat transfer does not need any material to transfer energy to another object
  • This type of heat transfer moves energy by a moving fluid
  • This type of energy transfer moves energy by touching.
  • What is the same temperature for a material as its freezing point?
  • What is the same temperature for a material as its condensation point?
  • What happens to the temperature of a material as it changes from solid to liquid
  • What do you call the phase change when a solid changes to a liquid?
  • What is it called when a gas changes to a liquid?
  • When a material changes phase from solid to liquid to gas, what happens to the energy level of its particles?
  • What is sublimation?
  • Which phase has the most energy?
  • The more energy a material has
  • The molecules in a solid are
  • Which phase of matter has the least amount of energy?
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