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Thermochemistry Test 1

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Created Date 05.20.20
Last Updated 05.20.20
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Topics of this game:
  • _______________reaction released the heat to the surrounding.
  • All of the examples are chemical changes in exothermic reaction EXCEPT:
  • which example for endothermic reaction is wrong?
  • The energy of the products is lower than the total energy of the reactants
  • temperature of the surrounding decreases.
  • An energy level diagram it is a graph that shows the _________________________ in a chemical reaction.
  • A chemical reaction involves bond breaking and bond formation. Which one always requires energy ?
  • Energy absorb for bond breaking is more than energy released from bond formation. what is the heat change value?
  • name the content in cold pack in the endothermic reaction.
  • What is lye?
  • The heat change when one mole of a metal is displaced from its salt solution by a more electropositive metal.
  • The heat change when one mole of water is formed from reaction between an acid and an alkali
  • The heat change when one mole of a precipitate is formed from their ions in aqueous solution
  • The heat change when one mole of a substance is completely burnt in oxygen under standard conditions