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Conduction, Convection, Radiation

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Learn about these terms in this game.

Created Date 03.17.21
Last Updated 03.16.21
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Topics of this game:
  • In convection where does heat go?
  • What is conduction?
  • What is radiation?
  • What is convection?
  • Where does radiation that heats the earth come from
  • IN a campfire where does convection occur?
  • How many kinds of heat transfer are there
  • What kind of heat transfer happens when the sun is heating your body?
  • Which of the following is an example of convection?
  • What heat transfer happens when you burn your hand by touching a fire?
  • Which of the following is needed for convection to happen?
  • When a pot is touching a stove that is on, what heat transfer is happening?
  • The heat from a hot burner to a pot is transferred by what?
  • This is a lava lamp. When the light bulb heats the wax, the wax rises. When the wax cools, it falls. This cycle of rising/falling is an example of what?
  • Warm air rises and the cool air sinks demonstrates this type of heat transfer?
  • The baby chickens are kept warm from the heat lamps demonstrates this type of heat transfer.
  • Heat transfers from an area of ____temperature to an area of ___ temperature.
  • Walking on the warm sand with your bare feet demonstrates this type of heat transfer.
  • The Gulf Stream is a current that brings warm ocean water from the south to the north. What type of heat transfer is this?
  • Ironing a shirt is an example of what?
  • A toaster toasting bread is an example of?
  • Johnny accidentally grabbed the handle of the hot pot.
  • The man goes to take the hot pot off the stove with his bare hands.
  • A group of friends gather around a fire to stay warm.
  • The candle will slowly heat the metal and transfer the heat directly to the man's hand.
  • Is it over?