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Mini Game for STEM students

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Choose the correct answer to gain moves. Match 3 or more vegetables to get the highest score. Good Luck!!!!

Created Date 04.07.21
Last Updated 04.08.21
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Topics of this game:
  • Solve for x: x^2+5=30
  • Find the domain: 2x+1/4-x
  • Find the derivative of d/dx 3x^4+2x^2+6x
  • Integrate the following 1/1+x dx
  • Find the limit as x ->1 : x-1/x^2-1
  • It is the term for Excel document
  • A type of software that enables the user to create, edit, and format text using various tools.
  • Which is NOT a presentation software?
  • It is a representation of something that conveys meaning.
  • Various outlets or tools that deliver info and content.
  • It is a phenomenon caused by a sudden and rapid movement of large volumes of rock along the Earth's Fault.
  • What is the most active volcano in the Philippines found in Bicol?
  • An organized, rotating system of clouds and thunderstorms that initially form over tropical ocean waters.
  • Elements that are important to produce fire.
  • Which gas is most popular as laughing gas?