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WMS Unit 3 Universe Review-Parrett

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Review of the universe

Created Date 04.19.21
Last Updated 04.20.21
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Topics of this game:
  • All of time, space and its content
  • A huge collection of stars
  • Contain stars, planets, asteroids and comets
  • The idea that Earth is the center of the solar system, and everything in space orbits the Earth
  • The idea that the Sun is the center of the solar system and everything is space orbits the sun
  • Most harmful waves from the electromagnetic spectrum
  • Least harmful waves from the electromagnetic spectrum
  • Coolest star color
  • Hottest star color
  • How bright a star appears from Earth
  • True/actual brightness of a star
  • Collection of stars with old in the center and new in the spiral arms
  • An oblong collection of stars with brighter stars in the center
  • Collection of stars with no specific shape
  • What galaxy do we live in?