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Learners identify earth's layers and tectonic plates from clues

Created Date 02.01.17
Last Updated 02.01.17
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Topics of this game:
  • Animals, plants, and people inhabit this layer of earth
  • This layer of earth is the hottest and most dense
  • What property does the mantle have that allows the tectonic plates to move
  • Which layer of the earth is divided into segments called tectonic plates?
  • One piece of evidence Alfred Wegener used for his theory of continental drift was
  • About how many earthquakes has Michigan had in the last 5 years?
  • During an earthquake you should, drop, ----, and hold on
  • The earth's magnetic field is caused by the spinning of this layer
  • Which plate boundary is located where new oceanic crust is formed?
  • About how far do tectonic plates move each year?
  • Which plate boundary consumes crust?
  • The Rocky and Appalachian Mountains were formed from
  • Which boundary type causes faults and earthquakes?
  • Volcanoes can form at two boundaries the
  • _____________ is when one tectonic plate is forced under another plate.