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Volcano and Earthquake Vocabulary Review

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Reviews vocabulary for volcanoes and earthquakes

Created Date 11.20.17
Last Updated 11.20.17
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Topics of this game:
  • When two plates move away from each other
  • When two plates moves toward each other
  • When two plates slide past each other
  • Travels fastest, moves ground left to right
  • Travels slower, moves ground up and down
  • Moves slowest, causes most destruction
  • Mountain with large opening at the top
  • Hot melted rock
  • Causes magma to rise up through the volcano
  • When magma spills out of the volcano
  • Has thin lava and quiet eruptions
  • Has ash and cinders and loud eruptions
  • Has thick lava alternating with ash and cinders; loud and quiet eruptions
  • One part moves down and one part does not move
  • One part slides past the other
  • One part moves up and one part does not move