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Water Cycle Game

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its about the water cycle and how a raindrop changes form.

Created Date 12.04.17
Last Updated 12.05.17
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Topics of this game:
  • The process of turning from liquid into vapor.
  • gas that turns into a liquid.
  • Water that falls to earths surface
  • Water that runs into lakes, rivers, and oceans after precipitation.
  • Water that seeps into the ground.
  • water that has soaked into the ground.
  • Water that gets evaporated out of plants.
  • Energy that is the biggest part of the water cycle.
  • When water turns into different forms throughout the cycle.
  • The largest part in the water cycle.
  • Another word for AIR.
  • The amount of water on earth.
  • The sphere or area around the planet earth where life exists
  • Another name for lithosphere the solid part of earth?
  • Evaporation is the interaction between the hydrosphere and what other sphere?
  • Evaporation is the interaction between the atmosphere and what other sphere?
  • Lakes, oceans, and rivers are the interaction of what sphere?
  • groundwater is the interaction of what sphere?
  • water that has formed into gas.
  • What is another name for precipatation
  • what is water called when it is entering the earths surface?
  • Where does the water evaporate from in plants?
  • When water vapors condense and cool what does it create?
  • What role plays the largest part in the water cycle?