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5th Grade Earth and Space Science Review

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5th Grade Earth and Space Review

Created Date 02.26.18
Last Updated 02.26.18
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Topics of this game:
  • How do decomposers benefit producers?
  • What happens during the Day and Night Cycle?
  • Which of these would occur directly after evaporation?
  • Which of these events occurs once every 24 hours?
  • Which of these is a correct example of a food chain?
  • Is this statement weather or climate? West Texas is an arid environment that gets little rainfall.
  • How does energy flow in a food chain?
  • Which of these is an example of a living organism interacting with another living organism in the environment?
  • Which of these causes the apparent movement of the sun across the sky?
  • How long does it take for the Earth to rotate enough to change daytime to nighttime?
  • Which of these is NOT an example of living things interacting with living things?
  • What is the sun's role in the water cycle?
  • How does a beaver change it's environment to meet its needs?
  • What happens in a food web if all of the producers in an ecosystem die off?
  • What type of organism only eats consumers?
  • What is the name of the step in the water cycle where water absorbs energy from the sun and changes into a gas rising into the air?
  • Is this statement weather or climate? This year we have received more rain that last year.
  • Which of these is an example of precipitation
  • Which of these objects is made from gas?
  • Which of these objects has an atmosphere that has life?