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Check for answers. All the questions are polar and STEM related!

Created Date 06.11.18
Last Updated 06.11.18
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Topics of this game:
  • Copepods are
  • Hindcasting is a process of testing computer models by comparing them to
  • High abundances of particular plankton types are
  • Arctic charr is a
  • Nitrates, phosphates and silicic acid are
  • 2 types of polar climate are
  • Permafrost is soil, rock, or organic material that remains at 0°C or below
  • Global warming can affect the Thermohaline Circulation in two ways
  • When sea ice is formed
  • How many gyres are there on the planet?
  • Ocean acidification means there is more
  • Fulmars are closely related to
  • Changes in cloud cover, increases in water vapour, loss of sea ice cause
  • Bern convention is a legal instrument dedicated to
  • Glacial earthquakes are