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Created Date 06.12.18
Last Updated 06.12.18
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Topics of this game:
  • Sometimes known as the ‘snowflake’, its white plumage and dancing flight makes flocks look like snowflakes
  • The largest settlement on Spitsbergen Island and the capital of Svalbard
  • The vertical movement of zooplankton in the ocean (or lake).
  • It has disks of stiff feathers around its eyes that reflect sound waves to its ear openings
  • increase in concentration of a pollutant from the environment to the first organism in a food chain
  • Biological unit occupying a large part of the surface of the Earth and characterized by homogeneous characteri
  • A small hole in the surface of the glacier, which serves as a trap for fine sediments composed of small rock
  • Traditional seasonal dwelling of Sami people
  • Intentional and planned moving animals/plants
  • The largest representative of ducks
  • The delay that occurs in climate change as a result of some factor that changes only very slowly
  • Traditional Inuit dish of fermented little auks
  • Transformation from parrs living in freshwater to smolts capable of functioning in salty water.
  • The study of formation, composition, sequence and correlation of layers in a geological column
  • A species, typically an animal or plant, which is highly characteristic for the state of their environmen
  • The original rock that is subject to metamorphism
  • The most potent climate-warming aerosol.
  • It is floating in open water, and might be an obstacle for small boats.
  • The fact that temperature rise in polar regions is large in comparison to the temperature rise in lower latitu
  • A type of cold air mass that forms over land or water in the higher latitude, within the subpolar highs
  • A ringlike system of ocean currents
  • cylinder – shaped sample of ice drilled out of an ice sheet or glacier.
  • Organism that reappears after its presumed extinction
  • A long, narrow bay, with steep sides or cliffs, formed as a result of erosion by a valley glacier
  • One of initial stages of sea-ice forming, mainly on calm waters