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Superposition and Uniformitarianism

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Created Date 10.12.18
Last Updated 10.12.18
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Topics of this game:
  • What concept did Hutton first observe?
  • What is erosion?
  • Geologic processes happen very
  • What are igneous rocks?
  • What are sedimentary rocks?
  • What are metamorphic rocks?
  • The rock cycle is a cycle that shows the process that rocks undergo when they get
  • Explain how to find the relative ages of rocks. Compare its age to other rocks using the _____.
  • According to the law of superposition, which refers to sedimentary rocks
  • The law of superposition can be used to find the absolute age of rocks.
  • An extrusion is lava that
  • An intrusion is magma that
  • A fault is a
  • The law of cross-cutting relationships states that something that cuts across rock is
  • What do we call a gap in geologic history, where some rock may have previously been eroded?
  • What is an inclusion?
  • Rock layers will always form
  • What types of fossils are used to date rocks?
  • Index fossils tell scientists the _____ of rocks
  • Index fossils must be from an organism that existed ____ and be _____ _____.