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Earth's Spheres

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A review of the spheres of the Earth system

Created Date 11.01.18
Last Updated 11.01.18
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Topics of this game:
  • What is the Earth System?
  • Which sphere is represented by oceans, lakes, rivers, and groundwater?
  • Which sphere contains gases and protects life from harmful radiation?
  • Which sphere contains mountains, caves, volcanoes, soil, and the sea floor?
  • Which sphere contains glaciers and permafrost?
  • What sphere contains algae, dandelions, bacteria, and sharks?
  • When humans breathe in oxygen, what two spheres are interacting?
  • What spheres are interacting when ocean currents carry sand and rock from a beach?
  • What spheres are interacting when a volcano spews molten lava and ash into the air?
  • What spheres are interacting when an iceberg melts in warm ocean currents?
  • What two spheres are interacting when a child catches a frog at the lake?
  • What moves through the spheres as they interact?
  • Which of these absorbs radiation from the sun
  • What can affect the energy budget?
  • What sphere is most effected by car emissions?